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No or ineffective loft insulation is one of the most common ways heat is lost from your house. Using spray foam insulation for loft insulating is easier to install than cavity wall methods and can be just as effective in terms of saving money on your energy bills. What’s more, it doesn’t just make your home warmer and more energy efficiency but adds stability to the roof structure and reduces condensation.

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"Polyurethane foam can provide a most cost effective method of converting loft and barn roofs"

Polyurethane spray foam provides a complete, seamless building envelope, creating a more comfortable indoor environment for the life of your home.

To avoid the expense of re-roofing your house that is suffering from nail fatigue, and to obtain optimum insulation, an 85mm layer of polyurethane foam can be sprayed onto the underside of the slates or tiles of a pitched roof. This stabilises and weatherproofs the roof by fixing the nails, battens and roofing felt. As the foam is a superior insulation, coupled with just 100mm of insulation at joist level, your roof will also meet the stringent thermal performance standards required for a new builds. A typical roof can be insulated using the polyurethane treatment for around half the cost of re-roofing.

The insulation at eaves level will leave your loft area comfortable for use and free from condensation. By installing the insulation at rafter level, it keeps the loft void warmer and prevents condensation build-up, which can otherwise occur when increasing insulation at ceiling level. The warmer, drier, cleaner roof space eliminates the risk of pipes and tanks freezing.

Some 150,000 properties have been treated with polyurethane foam insulation in the UK. There are systems which have British Board of Agreement approval for use in existing and new build applications and can show compliance to Building Regulations.

Below are some examples of how our product can be installed for different applications.
Cold Loft Spray Foam Insulation
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New Build Wall Spray Foam Insulation
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Warm Loft Spray Foam Insulation
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Flat Roof Spray Foam Insulation
Cavity Wall Injection Foam Insulation
Sound Insulation
Living in areas where noise pollution is high can be a nightmare for the home owner. Living near railway lines, airports or heavy traffic roads that have excessive noise pollution can make what is supposed to be your number 1 possession the least desirable place to be.

There are 2 methods to solve the problem

1 - Remove the source of the noise pollution (not an option for most)
2 - Insulate with an acoustic barrier

Spray foam insulation Wales we can insulate your home or building to dampen the noise from entering. Reducing the noise pollution from escaping from a specific area can be very beneficial should you own a workshop and wish to work late hours in residential areas.

Our spray applied polyurethane foam will act not only as an insulation but will help reduce noise pollution. Once applied the effects are instantaneous.

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Garden Shed Insulation / Summer house insulation or Log cabin insulation

Spray foam insulation is the ultimate insulation for converting your garden shed. It transforms your out door building in to a clean, warm and secure building by providing the ultimate thermal envelope.

It adds structural strength to the building whilst providing excellent thermal properties. The closed cell polyurethane foam acts as a vapour barrier to prevent driving rain entering the structure. The foam is also breathable so allows the wood to breathe. Using fibre to insulate your shed can lock unwanted moisture inside and overtime cause the rotting process to speed up.

With spray foam insulation your garden shed, summer house or log cabin will be perfectly bonded on the inside creating a seamless thermal barrier, this will not allow water to enter and works great where nail fatigue is occuring. Nail fatigue is eradicated as the wood is bonded together using the polyurethane spray foam.

Condensation Control

Condensation occurs when the vapour held in the air converts to a liquid state. This occurs when the air holding the moisture meets a surface thats temperature is lower than the dew point, This then forces the air to cool and change the state of the moisture to form a liquid.

Spray foam insulation can provide a seamless thermal line of foam that not only creates the thermal barrier to stop the meeting of warm and cold but stop air leakage. If the air holding the moisture cannot get through the moisture held within it cannot get through thus cannot convert to its liquid state.
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